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2012-09-08 13:58:33 by coordinatez

Hey All,

So Amiran has made its debut here on NG for the past month. Thank you for putting it in the #1 rating spot in its category for Adventure RPGs this month and 2nd in terms of overall views.

I hope that it continues to pick up steam here on NG. The game got off to a wobbly start due to a site lock issue and there have been a number of players who have spitefully rated the game down because "everything isn't free" and because of religious content. Neither of which are fair judgments so I know the overall rating of the game should be higher.

The good news is I'm working on releasing it again on another major portal very soon. I'm expecting the reception to be fantastic and I've taken a few lessons I've learned from NG to improve it. I'll post an update when this happens!


2012-08-11 04:59:16 by coordinatez

Hey everyone,

I appreciate you checking out my new game. Many have commented and given a 0 star rating because the game appears to not work / be stolen.

This was a problem with the site lock. I site locked the game to the url: However, newgrounds uses different urls to serve up their game and this created / triggered the "stolen game page" which I built into Amiran.

I am fixing the problem now and will be emailing NG to make sure that they let developers know this before publishing. I'm sure I'm not the first to have this problem and I'm surprised that it isn't clearly stated in the developer documentation prior to publishing.

And yes, I did check out the preview prior to publishing and mysteriously.... everything worked fine.

Game should be fixed soon. Please re-review and re-rate.

Thanks and thanks again,

Zac aka coordinatez